Saturday, July 12, 2008

Custom Logo Golf Balls

Playing golf is a very expensive hobby. This game had started almost ten thousand years ago in the 1100 centure in Scotland, as per the earliest record found. Today the most important thing required to know in this game is the properties of the golf balls. Firstly, the golf ball should not be heavier than 1.620 ounces and secondly, the standard size of the golf ball should not be smaller than 1.620 inches in diameter.

You can have these personalized golf balls in quantity of dorzens or half dorzens. One can have the choice of golf balls per pack based on ones requirement. You can save your money by restricted your choice for golf balls per pack. For any avid golfer a pack of six balls would be the best bet but for some people having dorzen per pack could be the right choice.

Today getting custom logo golf balls have become a fancy. Golf lovers find custom golf balls as a ideal gift for their loved ones and not this it has become popular with the corporate giants giveaways. One can customize the golf balls by having company's logo imprinted or a slogan or a phrase or any beautiful tag line that could brand your image. People find this as an appropriate gift for birthdays, wedding parties, bachelor parties, anniversary, giveaways for tournaments, fund raising, charity and even high school and family reunion.

People today are having craze for getting personalized golf balls and give away as an souvenir. The corporates by printing the emblem of the company on the golf balls, find it as the best way for the promotional activities. Also, by doing these promos they get full coverage in public. Some corporates print a message or a word of appriciation for the employes as a way of motivating and retaining their staff members. Custom logo golf balls has become more of a fashion infact not only you can have your company's insignia but you can even print your photo along with your phone number and email address.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Custom Logo golf balls a perfect bet to buy

A custom logo golf balls is a simple and a perfect promotional tool any company can choose. Today many big companys are using this mode of activity as the best way of promoting their companies product and image. These corporates are using the promos itmes at the trade shows, confrences, seminars or at company's golf day.

Infact custom logo golf balls are in expanding in a big way in large business. Their are many professional companies who are engaging into this business and offering wide range of services. The best of the choice available today with the people is Titleist Logo Golf balls which are using Titleist Pro V1 though it is the most expensive but they provide the best and the high quality golf balls.

For those of you who are golf lovers this is the ideal way to promote such events as birthdays parties, weddings, tarde shows, golf ournaments, seminars, high school reunion golf team or any other special occasion. This is the perfect way to mark your name in the crowd. While you are designing any kind of monogram or a photo of your dear one or emblem of the company on the custom logo golf balls make sure that you are using a high quality of ink and settings no compromise on this front as that might not spoil the company brand or the image.

Before you decide custom logo golf balls make sure that you compare the prices and the delivery time of the goods. Also, look into the hidden cost and other expenses involved. The cost can differ depending upon the numbers of colors, type of ink, design and the artwork used. Always go for the professional companies like Callaway, Top-Flite or the Titleist that will help in promoting the high image of your company.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Unique and Special Custom logo Golf Balls

When you want make someone feel special, a personalized gift would be an ideal gift. Now the question is what is the best gift that can be preserved and cherrished throughout the life. A perfect and a unique gift for your company or your employees or your clients would be give them a custom logo golf balls with a special message or insignia printed on it.

Custom logo golf balls are the hottest running product in today's golf market. It has simply become popular because the corporates and the individuals are using it as a perfect mode for promotional activities at the trade fares, conferences, or at any golfer's bag or t-shirt, or at the hoardings on the game floor. I believe that this is the ideal way to grab the masses attention. Today the corporates are using their company's motif as a kind of promo by designing a personalized logo golf balls and printing the emblem of the company as the right approach to come in the public in a big way.

Their are many options available today in the market where you can choose any type of promotional golf itmes that could reflect the company's image in a broader manner. A perfect gift for golf lovers by creating or designing custom logo golf balls with signatures of any celebrity or a monogram with a special fonts and colors. Today it is not fancy for the corporates to have their company's logo imprinted on the golf balls but a common can also enjoy by having a personalized logo golf balls as a perfect gift for thoses of you who are golf addicts specially designing for birthdays, weddings, new year greetings, good luck wishes or for any special occasion........

You are not only left with option of having your company's logo printed on the golf ball but can also have a slogan or a phrase or a monogram or a photograph printed right in the centre of the golf ball. Their are many professional companies who are are rendering these services where ne can order custom logo golf balls. This is a perfect gift idea for your loved ones with a low cost affair.

Custom Golf Logo Balls - History

Today it has become fancy with everyone to get customize their golf balls and have their company's emblem printed on it. Before that, let me just take you back to the history of golf balls when custom logo golf balls were not yet a cult or fashion at that time.

The golf balls were first traced in 1100 century but the details about it are unclear and incomprehensible. Later in scotland in the 1400 century the golf balls used were named as featherie and were made of goose feathers and leather. A featherie was made out of wet goose feathers wrapped tightly in leather. The ball was boiled and allowed to cool so that the feathers would expand and the leather would shrink. This entire process was very expensive and time consuming and a expert golf maker could only design two featheries balls in a day. This featherie ball was of no use once it got wet. When the featheire ball would hit the solid ground surface the stitches on the leather would get loose and the ball would simply get ruptured or explode. This was the the biggest drawback.

Genius of mankind Robert Paterson, a man with emmence intellect introduced a golf ball by the name the gutta percha in the year 1848 and this ball was also known as guttie. Gutta Percha, golf ball was made of rubbery substance, a material found in the malaysian sapodilla trees.

Later after many years the modern golf ball was invented that would fight the pressure in the air while moving at a certain speed and use of aerodynamics was there to get the perfect lift and drag of the golf ball in flight at the game.

The personalized golf balls with an exclusive message for friends, family and loved one would be an ideal piece of gift. Remember that the personalized golf balls may take approximately five to eight business days to complete the entire work process. A off course a special message would definately make long driving golf balls difficult to loose and part away.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Welcome to cutsom logo golf balls Guide

Welcome to my blog which will tel you all about custom logo golf ball and through this blog I will be trying to tell you everything under the about custom logo golf balls .

Golf balls in itself is a big subject and I will try to educate my readers about logo golf balls, their procurement and how and what of logos.

So make sure to read each and everything and do let me know your feedback if you think I am not doing justice to the topic.

The topics I will cover over here are

Titliest logo golf balls
high school logo golf balls
Titliest logo overruns golf balls

Who does golf ball logo
How to put logo on golf balls
Are there any happy birthday logo golf balls

We will laso look around and see if there are any cheapest logo golf balls and then there is the question of where to buy logo golf balls

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