Saturday, July 5, 2008

Custom Golf Logo Balls - History

Today it has become fancy with everyone to get customize their golf balls and have their company's emblem printed on it. Before that, let me just take you back to the history of golf balls when custom logo golf balls were not yet a cult or fashion at that time.

The golf balls were first traced in 1100 century but the details about it are unclear and incomprehensible. Later in scotland in the 1400 century the golf balls used were named as featherie and were made of goose feathers and leather. A featherie was made out of wet goose feathers wrapped tightly in leather. The ball was boiled and allowed to cool so that the feathers would expand and the leather would shrink. This entire process was very expensive and time consuming and a expert golf maker could only design two featheries balls in a day. This featherie ball was of no use once it got wet. When the featheire ball would hit the solid ground surface the stitches on the leather would get loose and the ball would simply get ruptured or explode. This was the the biggest drawback.

Genius of mankind Robert Paterson, a man with emmence intellect introduced a golf ball by the name the gutta percha in the year 1848 and this ball was also known as guttie. Gutta Percha, golf ball was made of rubbery substance, a material found in the malaysian sapodilla trees.

Later after many years the modern golf ball was invented that would fight the pressure in the air while moving at a certain speed and use of aerodynamics was there to get the perfect lift and drag of the golf ball in flight at the game.

The personalized golf balls with an exclusive message for friends, family and loved one would be an ideal piece of gift. Remember that the personalized golf balls may take approximately five to eight business days to complete the entire work process. A off course a special message would definately make long driving golf balls difficult to loose and part away.

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