Saturday, July 12, 2008

Custom Logo Golf Balls

Playing golf is a very expensive hobby. This game had started almost ten thousand years ago in the 1100 centure in Scotland, as per the earliest record found. Today the most important thing required to know in this game is the properties of the golf balls. Firstly, the golf ball should not be heavier than 1.620 ounces and secondly, the standard size of the golf ball should not be smaller than 1.620 inches in diameter.

You can have these personalized golf balls in quantity of dorzens or half dorzens. One can have the choice of golf balls per pack based on ones requirement. You can save your money by restricted your choice for golf balls per pack. For any avid golfer a pack of six balls would be the best bet but for some people having dorzen per pack could be the right choice.

Today getting custom logo golf balls have become a fancy. Golf lovers find custom golf balls as a ideal gift for their loved ones and not this it has become popular with the corporate giants giveaways. One can customize the golf balls by having company's logo imprinted or a slogan or a phrase or any beautiful tag line that could brand your image. People find this as an appropriate gift for birthdays, wedding parties, bachelor parties, anniversary, giveaways for tournaments, fund raising, charity and even high school and family reunion.

People today are having craze for getting personalized golf balls and give away as an souvenir. The corporates by printing the emblem of the company on the golf balls, find it as the best way for the promotional activities. Also, by doing these promos they get full coverage in public. Some corporates print a message or a word of appriciation for the employes as a way of motivating and retaining their staff members. Custom logo golf balls has become more of a fashion infact not only you can have your company's insignia but you can even print your photo along with your phone number and email address.

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